3 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Look Better Mar. 5, 2018

Bathroom is the most intimate room in every home and, according to several researches, it ranks next to kitchens and bedrooms in terms of time spent there. Energy-boosting morning showers or soothing soaks with some fragrant bath essence in the evenings may be the keys to your good mood! That is why bathrooms – their condition and interior – should never ever be overlooked. The functionality and proper performance of each object or piece of equipment in such a room is also a must.

How to improve your bathroom without heavy expenses?

Being on a budget may become a stumbling point between You and Renovation. Or, your bathroom might just not need such profound changes. This is the time for your fantasy coming out! Slight facelifting of replacement of finishing in a bathroom may change things radically and make you feel much better in it. We are here to help and assist you with any idea!

Here is our TOP 3 for your bathroom to be functional, stylish, and cosy.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place!

You might have the most expensive renovation ever or the most refined bathroom and lavatory equipment, still it won’t help if the room is messy and unkempt. Having all paraphernalia neatly and logically stored in proper places is a key to the first lock of the success door! Chest of drawers is the best way to store all things in one place and have them close at hand for use. Some ornate shelves on walls are also an extremely convenient method of organizing things, but only those matching your bathroom decor!

Advice: keep in mind that even cosmetic jars and bottles, towels and bathrobes are puzzles in the big picture of a room’s interior! So, try to match & balance all the colors, shades, and shapes in your bathroom. If certain things are at odds with the interior you don’t have to throw them away, just hide them in a drawer or pour into another bottle.

No Frills!

As bathrooms are usually small or medium-sized, there shouldn’t be any useless space-consuming objects. Sure, it is you who decides what should be in your bathroom and what has to be kicked out, but there are things that seem to be extra, but cannot be easily removed or hidden. Sanitary objects – toilets, wash-basins, urinals or bidets – are always connected to water supply and drainage system with the help of piping, but the latter is not always hidden or is only partially recessed in walls. What an unsightly picture it is! Sure, you can’t cut the pipes and throw them away, you’d better think it over before the construction starts. The issue with pipes hanging or sticking out on walls is quite widespread, that’s why there are decisions to eliminate the problem in the bud. Contemporary contractors utilize the method of recessed installations – that is making special grooves in walls/floor, which accommodate all the pipes/hoses/etc. Grooving is really convenient, but it presumes being confident in the highest quality of pipes and professional mounting.

What if you’ve got an issue with wires or cables? Say, a washing machine’s cable is dangling about the place posing a threat of electric shock in case of its damage...This is not only a matter of convenience, it is your safety!

Advice: there exist special protectors & bridges aimed at protection of exposed wires from damage. If there is no way to hide certain wires, the cable bridges or protectors are a good way out – protection without sacrificing any flexibility!

What if your pipes aren’t hidden in grooves? What if your pipes are hidden in grooves or drywall, but supply valves aren’t? Not a problem, we’ve got some decisions for you:

  • paint the pipes to match your bathroom decor;
  • wrap unsightly pipes with hayrope or any other material of such kind;
  • use outlet boxes for valves recessed in walls to create a finished appearance.

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Trifles make perfection!

Your bathroom style is not only the color of tiles or wallpaper – it’s in details! The color of the walls doesn't have to be the same, still it should "echo" with that of floor, furniture, curtains, etc. But your faucets, showerheads, valves, etc. would better be of one style and color to create feeling of congruence.

Advice: select matching hardware (shower, faucets, valves, hoses) – you may choose standard bronze, brass or nickel or match white/black plastic. Doing this, don’t forget about tube hangers/straps and even shower drains. So, whenever you add colors to your interior, mind their integrity with the overall style.

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Additional Accessories

No matter what is shaping up in your bathroom, there are things that are of great use during renovations or facelifts. The following things help users eliminate situations when repairing one thing, they destroy another:

  • Innovative Oatey 31416 LiquiLock Gel. The superior solution for use during toilet replacement/removal. Pouring this gel in your toilet ensures absence of water spills and clean procedure. Additionally, it may be used when water is already spilled over the floor to prevent damaging the drywall.
  • Superior ZipWall ZDS ZipDoor Kit. This utility will protect other rooms from dust or debris that might appear and spread during certain construction/renovation processes.
  • Extra-convenient ZipWall ZWTM Mat Starter Kit. This cost-efficient product reduces dust and eliminates traces on the floor. It is extremely helpful to minimize cleaning after the renovation is done. Just put the sticky mat on the floor and enjoy its performance.

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Sure, one doesn’t have to destroy and rebuild everything to customize a bathroom or just make it look better. For some bathrooms, cleaning and adding certain accessories will be enough, and some need just a new shower curtain. But there is one rule for all times – the more attention you pay to the quality of products you get for your bathroom, the less time and expenses you spend on renovations and maintenance!

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