For over a decade, Snap-Loc has been providing the most secure cargo control system on the market. Snap-Loc is dedicated to providing cargo moving products with outstanding quality.

A true American story, the Snap-Loc System was born on a ranch in a barn near the turn of the century. For well over a decade the staff at Snap-Loc have been inspired by God to produce the best Cargo Control System on the planet! Snap-Loc is dedicated to creating unique common sense cargo moving products that have built-in long lasting quality. Just like you, the company found themselves constantly moving stuff from one place to another. Snap-Loc were also stuck with using the same old basic moving dollies and unsafe tangled hook straps for trucks and trailers.

PROBLEM: Moving valuable items on a cheap $40 dolly and securing them to a truck with a $5 strap!

SOLUTION: The Snap-Loc Cargo Control System is the Fastest, Safest, and Easiest way to Move More in Less Time!

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