Omicron Scientific is a USA based multi-product specialty company with competitive edge in laboratory filtration consumables & accessories. Omicron Scientific is an accredited registered body to an 'ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System' & '14001:2015 Environment Management System'. The company manufactures membrane based disposable syringe filters and all types of syringe filters for scientific applications such as superfine filtration of critical chemical solutions & bio-molecules and enhancing chromatography efficiency in sophisticated tools like HPLC and LC-MS.

With strong production foundation and state-of-art facility, Omicron Scientific can offer a diversified array of sizes and pore ratings in several different media. Over 300 products are currently available, and their strong commitment allows to add much more. The company's dedicated R&D team allows to specialize in customized requirements. The company follows stringent Q.C. parameters like test for the integrity of pores and housing, flow rate, stability, chemical compatibility and many other characteristics.

Omicron Scientific is a reliable technological partner in your research, development and production operations.

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