MCC product line is currently diversified in more than 2,600 products to meet the different needs and specification in each region. Every single product is designed based on the end user needs and in-depth study by R &D department and subsequently manufactured in high quality control in the main factory in Japan from raw materials to finishing goods. It maintains lowest defect rate and consistent in quality at thousands of units.

MCC products are widely available through more than 1,000 locations in the United States. Working with many distributors in the various industries such as construction and building materials, plumbing, irrigation, landscapes, water works, industrial hardware, tool and repair, and fasteners, MCC brand has been recognized as one of the high-end for professional contractors.

MCC R & D teams spend many hours for the in-depth research with contractors, end-users, and counter people at distributors. This is the way the company gets hints and ideas. After several times of field test with prototype, only a few in ten can be stepped up to the marketing test stage, where it is considered in marketability and price/cost. There are three huge coffins in the factory, where the thousands of dead prototype are archived after failed field test. This allows the teams with improving ideas. Since SUNJAC TOOL, the former MCC International Inc and MCC USA Inc. started engaging exporting business, MCC has been gaining their reputation in consistent quality, endurance, and its unique design. Currently MCC products can be purchased in more than fifty countries.

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