Martindale was founded in 1913 as a tool manufacturer for the electric motor maintenance and repair industry. Strict management adherence to those principles of only the highest quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing, and customer awareness has enabled the company to grow to their current leadership position in the electric motor repair industry.

Technical expertise, coupled with the hard working employees, has allowed Martindale to diversify into other areas compatible with their manufacturing procedures. The brand’s varied product line includes: rotary carbide burs, electric testing equipment, electric etchers, demagnetizers, and various tools and equipment used in a variety of electrical maintenance and metal finishing applications.

One noteworthy outgrowth from the manufacture of relatively small circular saws used for undercutting mica on electric motors is that the company have become a prominent leader in the manufacture of larger metal-working saws in both high speed steel and tungsten-carbide, and other metal cutting tools, as well.

Versatility and flexibility in applying different production methods has resulted in a high level of quality and has allowed Martindale to meet all the special demands of their many and varied customers. The well known quality standards have been passed on from generation to generation resulting in excellent teamwork at all levels of the Company.

It is Martindale® firm belief that the success is only measured by the customer’s satisfaction.

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