GA International Inc. - also known as - is a research and development company committed to the continuous development of creative new products and methods to address both common and unique challenges that your work presents. As a manufacturer as well as supplier of high quality labels and tapes, the company are in an ideal position to help serve the rapidly evolving biopharma, biotechnology, medical, biobanking, healthcare, construction, fashion and retail fields, by providing exceptional identification solutions.

GA International (GA) offers complete labeling and identification strategies using advanced technologies including hardware, software, accessories and customization, as well as free consulting and technical support. GA's flexibility is unmatched in the industry, able to meet orders both large and small, with thousands of products in inventory that can be shipped within a few hours of receiving an order request.

Regardless of your specific needs, the company have the expertise, experience and know-how to help you choose and design your labels. Their highly trained, professional technical support team consists of scientists holding Ph.D. and post-doctoral degrees in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology and biochemistry with an in-depth knowledge in barcode printing and identification technologies. LabTAG provide custom manufacturing, packaging and shipping to almost any country and location world wide.

LabTAG - long-proven history in clinical trial labeling.

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