Howard Power Solutions, originally known as Howard Industries, was founded in 1968 by Billy W. Howard, Sr. Over the past four decades, this company has grown to be the nation’s leading manufacturer of distribution transformers, with over 7 million transformers in service throughout the United States and abroad. Located in Laurel, MS, this facility has 2 million square feet, making it the largest transformer plant in the world. The company’s newest transformer division, Howard Substation Transformers, located near corporate headquarters, began manufacturing operations in April 2005 producing power transformers with higher KVA and voltage ratings.

Howard’s new Corporate Headquarters is also home to their technology division, Howard Technology Solutions, and its medical division, Howard Medical. These 2 divisions bring to market cutting-edge, high-quality technology and medical equipment. Whether selling Howard-manufactured products such as desktops, notebooks, servers, and medical carts or partnering with other industry-leading companies to provide over 190,000 products, one can be sure when you buy from Howard, the needed equipment is available at affordable prices.

Howard Lighting Products markets a vast portfolio including electronic and magnetic fluorescent ballasts, magnetic HID ballasts, as well as fluorescent lamps, T5/T8 fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamps. This division continually updates their product lines to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. They currently have products in use at Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, Camp Pendleton, CIA Headquarters, Fort Bragg, and numerous other U.S. government installations, as well as many, many private facilities.

Howard Technology Solutions mission is to provide an affordable, top-quality product that exceeds your expectations. By manufacturing their own desktops, notebooks, and servers as well as partnering with other industry-leading technology providers, Howard are able to offer you high-performance, low cost solutions. And with their highly trained team of network professionals, the company is also able to provide you with services such as installation, procurement services, consulting and many more.

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