In 1946, Félix Flisch was already exporting his products to Holland, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Israel, with the constant desire of being accepted by professional users. Since that time, pressures on professional users have intensified. FELCO had to provide better and more efficient solutions to respond to these ever-increasing requirements.

FELCO is a family business that remains in the hands of the descendants of its founder: The family remains very much involved in formulating strategies and running the company; The vertically-integrated FELCO group includes its main supplier PRETAT (for all forged aluminum parts), FELCO Motion (company specializing in the design, development and assembly of electro portable tools) and several other companies that guarantee the sound distribution of products on a global scale.

Today, the professional market recognises FELCO as a true work and development partner. With such trust comes responsibility: FELCO must constantly innovate and further improve the quality of its products. FELCO maintains a market research department whose purpose is to anticipate the needs of its various markets and to respond with tools that are perfectly adapted to the evolving needs and requirements of end users. All these endeavours are of course undertaken with FELCO's core values in mind: quality, innovation, respect, humility and professionalism. These values are practised by our employees to a high degree; thanks to them, we evolve with our customers' needs.

FELCO would not be what it is today without its people. From research to assembly, from machining to grinding, from heat treatment to dispatch and marketing, each and every employee is directly involved in our permanent quest for perfection throughout the manufacturing process. With representatives from 14 countries, the FELCO team is gifted with remarkable know-how and takes pride in dedicating its efforts to products that are renowned worldwide.

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