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At Merck (aka EMD Millipore), the company think in generations. The goal is to pass the company on to the next generation better than they found it. This is the mindset that has allowed the company to exist for almost 350 years. The growth of the organization from a family-run pharmacy in 1668 into today’s multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical and chemical company is the result of 13 generations of scientists, pharmacists and chemists dedicated to advancing discoveries that improve the lives of people around the world.

Millipore Corporation - In 1954, a modest filtration company with just a handful of employees opened for business. The company pioneered the use of membrane technology in hundreds of applications. Later changing its name to Millipore Corporation to reflect its growing range of products and expanded core capabilities, the company would expand - through strategic acquisitions, targeted capital investments and organic growth - to a global, billion-dollar life science corporation.

Merck Millipore - In 2010, Millipore Corporation was acquired by Merck and became part of the company’s life science tools division, operating in North America using the umbrella brand “EMD.” With a range of more than 60,000 products on offer, this division captured significant opportunities in high-growth, high-margin market segments such as bio-research and bio-production.

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