EE Tools was founded as an Embedded System Product consulting and distributing company for the Microprocessor Development Tools Industry in 1992. It is located in the center of electronics and computer industry, the Silicon Valley. Currently, EE Tools takes its position in the world market as one of the most innovative and prudent company, which provides its clients with one of the most advanced and reliable embedded products in the worldwide market. EE Tools is now ready and able to take its product lines to be introduced to broader scale of distributors and OEM manufacturers. With such determination in mind, the company is in the process of developing low cost stand-alone and PC based embedded system development products. EE Tools’ main goal is to develop and manufacture the most sophisticated, reliable, yet fast stand-alone and PC based device programmers which will surpass those introduced by the manufacturers from the Far East.

Today, EE Tools has grown to be a stable, prudent, and innovative company, which many distributors and end-users rely on for standalone PC, based device programmers. Recently, the company have developed a fast universal stand-alone/PC-driven programmer (FlashMax) for not only end-user but also mass production customers.

EE Tools is in the center of Silicon Valley, which means that the company has lots of business advantages, by being able to contact IC manufacturer in a timely manner in order to update newer algorithms. All of EE Tools products are made in the USA (100%). The company’s engineers have over 15 years of combined experiences in designing and developing EPROM/Universal programmers, as well as the necessary knowledge and the technology to design cost effective universal programmers based on years of working experience in the industry.

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