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Headquartered in Amelia, VA, Eclipse Tools connects distributors and professionals in the electronic, electrical, networking and security fields with top-quality Eclipse and Pro’sKit brand tools and accessories. Eclipse, together with its offshore partner Pro’sKit, develops and markets over 100 new products every year.

Eclipse Tools was founded by Roger Scott, after obtaining his MBA, in his garage in 1997. It’s now a fast-growing company with more than 17 employees and over 600 distributors in North America.

Roger knew from experience that electronic, electrical, networking and security professionals needed more than high-quality, value-priced tools. They needed an ally who could offer industry expertise and swift, reliable service. That’s what Eclipse Tools delivers.

Eclipse Tools strives to wow the company’s customers with superior service, every single time. The company are agile and speedy, with always-updated inventory and same-day shipping. Their tools give you amazing value for the money - Try Eclipse tools once and you’ll want to come back!

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