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In 1953 Fred L Thuemling began his small sales company in Wisconsin. His son Terry joined the company in the 60’s and his grandsons Tim and Todd in the late 70’s. (One of the lines they represented was SPAN Instruments of Plano, Texas a manufacturer of high quality liquid filled pressure gauges).

Over the years the Thuemling organization greatly expanded and when SPAN contacted them in 1998 to purchase their pressure gauge product line, the time was right.

Fred would be very proud of his “three T’s” (Terry, Tim and Todd Thuemling) and the whole organization of the Thuemling Instrument Group. Today with sales internationally, the acquisition of Duro Instruments in 2000, the introduction of electronic pressure transducers and a plant expansion in 2014, the future looks exciting.

Duro United Instruments offers superior, rugged pressure gauges to fit any application. Standard Duro gauge dials range from 1.5” to 8.5”. Accuracy up to 0.5% and ranges of vacuum, compound and pressure up to 20,000 PSI. Constructed with full-sized bourdon tubes (C-shaped and spiral) and mounted to precision German rack and pinion movements, Theumling’s Duro line provides the right gauge for your application.

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