The Durastill name is well known and respected throughout the water purification industry. Family owned and operated company has proudly manufactured Durastill water distillers in the U.S.A. for over thirty years since the mid 1970’s. In the beginning the founder and owner Paul Giovagnoli was manufacturing distillers under the name of International Rotor Company. As the distiller industry grew, the company developed into Durastill, Inc. Now, as the industry leader in water distillation products, Durastill has an ongoing tradition of three simple philosophies.

  • Build a simple, rugged and dependable product capable of producing the purest quality water.
  • Provide the best customer and product support within the industry.
  • Continue to support all Durastill distillers manufactured over the past thirty years with replacement parts and technical support.

Durastill is also extremely proud of its water distillers located in government embassies, with the military and other US Government agencies stationed throughout the world. Durastill water distillers are the proven and trusted choice for our citizens and military serving in the most extreme raw water conditions, throughout the world.

“Distilled Water is the Purest Water”

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