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Conitec Datensysteme GmbH is a small German company, founded in 1985. They're specialized in development tools - above all, device programmers - and customer specific hardware development. The company’s philosophy is simple: they hate mediocre quality. That's why they've put all their ambitions in making the best device programmers in the world.

A device programmer, also called "chip programmer", "circuit programmer", "IC programmer" or just "EPROM burner", is a piece of hardware for transferring data into programmable integrated circuits, such as ROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash Memory, GALs, PALs, PLDs, CPLDs, FPGAs, and microcontrollers. There are four general types of device programmers:

  • Gang programmers - for programming multiple circuits in mass production.
  • Universal programmers - for development and small-series production.
  • Pocket programmers - portable programmers for development and field service.
  • Specialized programmers - for certain circuit types only, f.i. EPROM programmers.

Early device programmers had the size of a shoebox and a weight of several kg; some of them are still manufactured and find their buyers. Modern device programmers weigh only a few hundred grams and fit in a jacket pocket. The ideal programmer combines the advantages of a universal pocket programmer with the possibility to connect several programmers to a gang programming cascade to the same PC - the kind manufactured by Conitec Datasystems.

Besides producing device programmers, the company also offer customer specific solutions including concept, development, and mass production. Their German HQ is located in the village of Dieburg, southeast of Frankfurt; their U.S. office is located in the San Diego area.

Conitec Datasystems
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