Since 1969 CHEMetrics has delivered faster, simpler, and safer solutions for professional water analysis. As the company approach their 47th anniversary they remain dedicated to advancing that proud tradition.

Today their water testing systems undergo rigorous and meticulous scrutiny by quality assurance staff. These careful measures are yielding even higher levels of product quality and dependability, which means you can expect accurate and reliable results each and every time. Yet the real beauty of CHEMetrics products is the simplicity and ease of use. So whether you are in the laboratory or the field - and whether you are testing a single sample or dozens - CHEMetrics will save you more time and make the process more convenient.

Each year CHEMetrics manufactures and ships millions of ampoules for simplified water testing to the following markets: Aquaculture, Boiler/Cooling Water, Chemical Processing, Drinking Water, Education, Environmental Testing, Food and Beverage, Mining, Petroleum Refining, Power Plant Utilities, Pulp and Paper Mills, Semiconductor Manufacturing/Electroplating, Wastewater — Industrial and Municipal, and Water Conditioning. CHEMetrics realize that you have many options for your water testing needs. That is why the company works so hard to be your supplier of choice.

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