Cembre is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools, railroad products, identification & labeling systems. Operative since March 1999, Cembre Inc. based in Edison, NJ, provides full stock of products available to customers, technical assistance and repair capabilities with immediate availability of spare-parts.

Extensive know-how in the field of electrical connectors, strong R&D activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification, allow Cembre to respond quickly to an increasingly demanding market expectation for high-quality products that are reliable, durable and safe.

Wide product range, expert and efficient international sales network and sharp focus on customer needs represent the strengths of the Cembre Group and ensure a significant competitive advantage in a continuously evolving global market.

Cembre has always promoted essential values within the Group. They are the base of the decisions made over the course of the years and thus have contributed to the construction of the company’s history and success since the very beginning more than 40 years ago. The Values that Cembre promotes actively are:

• Quality⊕, • Innovation⊕, • A complete offer⊕, • Attention to detail⊕, • Care of the environment⊕, • Unique product⊕, • Ease of use⊕

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