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Since 1976, the cornerstone of Black Box’s business has been the objective technical advice and support they provide to their clients. Today, as a premier provider of communications and infrastructure solutions, Black Box Network Services remains focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions with an unyielding commitment to technical support and service. Black Box Network Services is a leading communications system integrator and technology provider dedicated to designing, sourcing, implementing, and maintaining today’s complete communications solutions.

Although Black Box Corporation is now a $1 billion organization delivering services and solutions around the globe, at its core Black Box is an organization of top technical professionals dedicated to delivering personalized support to help you evaluate your technology options and implement the right communications, infrastructure, and products to achieve your objectives. The company is committed to uncovering new products and solutions that can help you solve your communications and infrastructure challenges, and Black Box will remain at the forefront of innovation through their long-standing relationships with technology manufacturers.

The Black Box "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics" reflects their commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. This Code continues to identify the standards that apply to all Team Members, everywhere, and in every circumstance. The ethical conduct of each and every Black Box Team Member is a cornerstone of the company’s efforts toward corporate sustainability. They pursue their business mission in order to ensure the success and lasting presence of Black Box Company for the benefit of their clients, stockholders, technology partners, suppliers and Team Members. Company’s uncompromising ethics are a critical component of their ability to accomplish this objective.

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