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Life depends on water, and now more than ever, business does too. For over three decades Aqua Ultraviolet has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. The company’s factories are located in Temecula California where all of their products are created, tested and manufactured. Aqua UV centralized manufacturing facility allows them to engineer and customize designs for the customers to fit any application.

At Aqua Ultraviolet all the staff strive to make technology simple for all of the customers, distributors, and consumers alike. The company offer tools that show the customers the details of installation and maintenance. Aqua UV provide a printed instructional manual with each of the company’s products. A video library is available online to walk you through the steps.

Since 1975, Aqua Ultraviolet has designed solutions that provide cutting edge technology and efficiency to the users. The company proudly offer innovative new products every year. As if having the best products wasn’t enough…

Aqua Ultraviolet provide solutions for the following Industries: Drinking Water, Aquaculture, Waste Water, Swimming Pools, Residential Air, Ponds, Aquariums and others.

Aqua UV - are the industry leader for a reason.

Aqua Ultraviolet
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