The Aiken Corporation is an American lab equipment manufacturer based in Southern California.
Since 1988, Aiken has been producing and exporting high quality laboratory equipment at competitive prices.
Aiken manufactures a wide range of equipment from foreign and domestic components: centrifuges, incubators, dry ovens, water and oil baths, autoclaves, and other general lab equipment.
Through its global and domestic manufacturing networks, Aiken has supplied laboratories and hospitals in over 60 countries with the latest equipment so that they can fulfill their mission of protecting the public’s health.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Unlike many manufacturers, Aiken does not sub-contract the design or production of its products.
All Aiken products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in facilities that are owned and operated by the Aiken Corporation.
This level of ownership ensures that Aikens products meet (or exceed) customers’ specifications under the highest standards of quality control.

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