The company’s beginnings were humble rocks, but after more than 100 years, 3M Personal Safety know how to rock science. Every day at 3M, the company explore, they connect and they invent. And they’ve opened the door to show the world the unique, multidimensional ways 3M science can touch your life.

The company have started the conversation with a fresh new look and new way of talking about themselves that makes them excited to share. 3M have always been storytellers and inventors at heart, but now they will show you why they do what they do. And while the company may look different, they’re still the same 3M, ready to connect and work together with you to create the future.

At 3M all the company like to imagine a world where every life is improved – where natural resources are reliably available, people have access to education and opportunity, and communities are safe, healthy, connected and thriving. So, explore with 3M. You are going to definitely be amazed by all the ways 3M science impacts your life.

3M Personal Safety – Addressing the challenges facing our global community today requires persistence, creativity and a child-like curiosity. We’re on it.

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